You never know what kind of teammates you might find yourself running with…

Are you excited to run this relay but you don’t think you can convince five or eleven friends that it will be as amazing as you think it would be?

No problem!  We ALWAYS have teams who are looking for runners, especially as the race draws near.

2018-06-30 – Instructions to be updated soon!

You can register to be a part of the runner pool on our registration site. Team captains who are actively looking for runners will be notified of your interest and can get your email address, and all team captains will be able to access the list of runners looking for teams at any time. If you are willing to run on either a 12 person team or a 6 person team, you will need to register twice.

Register to join a 12 person team

Register to join a 6 person team

Another way to connect with teams looking for runners is to look at our team list. This list will show all of the registered teams, and any team who is actively looking for runners will be noted. You can click on the team captain’s name to send them an email via the registration system to learn more about their team.

You can also post to our Facebook page. We do our best to share information about teams looking for runners and runners looking for teams. Be sure to Like it and check in occasionally to see the latest news.

Our best advice is to be patient. Starting in February or so, we have so many teams looking for runners, you’d have a hard time not finding someone to run with!