Jim Brendle – Race Director
Jim grew up running in the woods of North Carolina, and he quickly fell in love with the wild places he explored as a kid. After running the Hood to Coast in Oregon, he was inspired to create a relay that would share the places that meant so much to him growing up. The first Smoky Mountain Relay happened in April of 2010, and it has been faithfully produced ever since.

Jim is the owner of Sourwood Running which designs, organizes, and administers The Smoky Mountain Relay in Western North Carolina and The Wild Rogue Relay in Southern Oregon. Jim has participated in numerous marathons and relays across the country and has a real passion for the overnight relay. Jim moved to the Rogue Valley in 1988 to work as a Pharmaceutical Representative.

iDaph Events
After providing the race timing in 2016, Daphne and her crew at iDaph Events agreed to come on in partnership with Jim to help produce the relay. Her organization and event management skills will help elevate this race into one of the premiere relay events on the east coast.