Overnight Team Relay Races

How do these 24 hour overnight team relay races work?

Runners are members of a 6, 9 or 12-person team.

A typical 12 person team will split into two vans/vehicles each carrying six runners. Each runner will run three legs of the relay over approximately 30 hours, and each runner will run an average 18 miles.

Legs vary in distance, elevation, and terrain. Captains should assess their runners and assign legs wisely.

Each team receives a “Race Bible” with maps and all key information. Teams also receive small printed turn by turn flip books for each leg to use on the course if they wish.

The vans hopscotch each other through the night with one van of runners sleeping, and the other van of runners continuing the race. Runners continue through the night, with the inactive van driving ahead to a major exchange to rest and refuel.

There are members of the Smoky Mountain Relay “Posse” at each exchange, often with Wilderness First Responder training for your assistance. There are NOT COURSE marshals at every turn or at intersections. This is a 208-mile course and you need to be cautious and aware of the map you are following. We do have signage all along the 208 miles.

Crossing finish line at smoky mountain relay
Minivan with runners at Smoky Mountain Relay