The Smoky Mountain Relay in the News

With a pretty epic race like the Smoky Mountain Relay, where the entire 208 mile course has 22,500 feet of climbing and 23,000 feet of descent, people are going talk. You can’t stop them! And seriously, why would we want to stop them from talking! Am I right?!   Here are some of the better news articles and pieces that talk about the SMR.  I personally love Six Reasons you DON’T Want to Run the Smoky Mountain Relay!

I’ve had some pretty awesome shows of running support in the past—everything from mapped-out cheering schedules from my friends and family to…Read 7 Ways to Absolutely Crush Your First Relay Race

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Woman running in Relay Race

Top Ten Relay’s Races to have on your Radar

By Staff Writer – August 8, 2017

Not everyone sees the beauty in a 3 a.m. wake-up call to run a leg of a 200-mile race. It takes a special kind of runner to push themselves beyond neighborhood 5Ks and…Read The Top 10 Relay Races To Have On Your Radar

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Relay runners by camp[fire

We are pretty darn sure you’ll love the Smoky Mountain Relay. It’s 214 miles of running with your friends – each of you taking three turns of running between 3 and 8 miles at a time. It’s like a Ragnar relay, except that it’sRead Six Reasons you Don’t Want to Run the Smoky Mountain Relay

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“Bandito, Bandito!” I was snapped out of my delerious state by my teammate’s enthusiastic call as she ran toward the exchange zone. I quickly checked my headlamp and light-up vest and stood ready to…Read Run Mountains, Drink Beer: Smoky Mountain Relay Race Re-cap and Update from the Trail

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